New T.Marsh Mix!

Rock out!


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Eric James Martin

Eric James Martin with the killer Mountain shot. 

After seeing Rodney and Eric’s photos, I’m thinking about having a little photo comp for a few prizes. Would you guys be down?



Not entirely sure why I’m just now seeing this edit, but Billy is crushing in this and claiming the Tennessee territory his for the taking! 


Rodney Ansell, Camel Kensession

Think you play kendama in dope spots? Think again. Rodney does it better.

New Mugens Releasing!

Oh my God. Kazuma Iwata is launching the new Mugens. I have nothing else to say here. I’m just basically in awe.

Sweets Kendamas Focus 2.5 Performance Analysis!!

Okay, Sorry I cannot figure how to make these photos come in portrait style. I don’t know what the frickin’ deal is. I need like a team of tech people. Anyway.

FOCUS 2.5!!

I’ve had mine for two weeks and the I’ve been playing with this dama and my KC mini the most so far. So I definitely like it.


Overall: 8

One word to describe it: Solid

Should you buy one: Yep.

Different Damas do different things and this one is indeed a bit different from the rest.

In-depth analysis:

The main difference to this new ken versus the old sweets is the paint. It has kind of a chalky dull finish that adds a real good initial “stick” to tama tricks. Light houses grab really well. However, it will still slid around a bit if you don’t land it right but if you stomp it, it’s not going anywhere.

But in terms of landing lunars and lighthouses more easily, I still think most of the physics of this issue lie in two primary factors with a few auxiliary factors. The primary factor is weight and balance of ken not so much the paint just being “sticky”.

This kendama has a very sturdy and well balanced ken that is highly durable with a type of wood that is very similar to the mugen or oozora wood, but it seems to be a bit more dense which makes it a bit heavier unfortunately.

The other factor is surface area contact / friction between the tama and the cups. You can have the stickiest paint in the world, but if the wood doesn’t grip it, or make full contact then it’s pointless really.

The cups make pretty decent contact with the paint, and the ken isn’t like super heavy, so I didn’t have a problem lunaring it. I like how it felt. 

String: very strong. No problems. It came exactly two fingers below the cup, maybe that’s because Matt knows that’s how I like it. ;) so that’s good.

Serado hole position is good, so pulling a lunar was no prob.

Ken durability is insanely good. Spike hasn’t dulled any.

Paint durability: Durable for the most part, but it will kind of chip just a little as you see below. Not a big deal really.

I definitely wouldn’t beat it on concrete though, but that’s fair to say for any kendama. But if you’ve ever played with me you’ll know that I’m an expert at spacewalking valuable and breakable kendamas into hard rough surfaces.

Their new stickers seem to be glued on better. It was not coming off like the last ones. And I think they look pretty sick. The focus on the bottom is super dope.

Gus Carstens

Gus Carstens is rapidly becoming a well known figure in the Kendama World. His camera presence is something you don’t f$ck with, and his skills are picking up at an astounding rate.

His new edit is bangin’, love the steeze and he chose a really good track. Good vibes.

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, check it out.


Nashville Battle Pics!

Sorry about tech issues. I had a huge post about the battle made and it got annihilated by Safari. I’ve just regained enough motivation to make another post.

This one is much shorter I apologize, but there’s a lot of pretty pictures so enjoy!

Anyway. This battle was amazing. I had such a great time with the Sweets crew and it was a pleasure meeting all the kenthusiasts from Georgia. HUGE thanks to everyone that took their time to make the trip to Nashville. I hope everyone had a great time.

Here’s some photos from the battle, and here’s the winners!

Pro Style: (aka Advanced)  Jonah Holcomb

Intermediate: Drew Porter

Beginner: Brett Olsonoski 

Might be the most epic thing for Kendama I’ve ever seen. Hands down. Insane.


Advanced Champion Jonah Holcomb. 

Will Penniman after he beat me in Deadly. He was the only one to beat me the whole day. Grats Will. Enjoy your new Metallic Blue Ooz!

Intermediate Ladder heat 1!


Beginner Ladder!


More beginners! 

Advanced first and Second. Jonah Holcomb and Danny Mason. Canton Georgia Represent.


Pregame. The rain just stopped.


All of our First and Second Place winners!


Intermediate champ: Drew Porter holdin it down for Nashville! Someone had to! Freakin Spacehouse murdered me. :(    

Kai Neddersen. 2nd place Intermediate.

Family Photo! Great day!

Huge thanks to all that came out and HUGE UPS to 12th South Taproom and Grill for hosting the battle!!

Kendama Kyle

Absolute absurdity.


This guy has just come out of no where. People are starting to get super good, super fast. I dig.

I really like this base cup ken flip combo. Beast.

Play Mor Dama

Tomorrow is the Chik-Fil-A Kendama Battle in Canton,Georgia!

I am so excited for this. This is such a massive event. Expecting at least 150 people at this battle. If you’re anyway near Georgia you have to get to this. 

I’m curious to see what it is going to be like and how it will vary from Kengarden and Kensession Stand battles. I feel like everyone is going to try to play me in “deadly.” Which is a game of K.E.N but you play for keeps. It’s a huge trend in Georgia, so it ought to be interesting.

Kensession Stand is proud to be a head sponsor of this event. We’ll have a few Focus Kendamas available for purchase tomorrow, as well as prizes for the events. Also I will be raffling off pretty cool 1 Kendama tomorrow.